Leather Jackets: 5 Surefire Tips to Make Them a Wildcard

Leather jackets have everything to be a wildcard in the men’s wardrobe.

The classic piece is paraded elegantly by famous men since always and after reading this article you will be ready to parade your leather jacket correctly and with great elegance and I guarantee: even Marlon Brando would want to copy you!

From Rock N ‘Roll stars to renowned actors easily remembered for their manly looks, the number of celebrities wearing leather jackets grows every day.

Leather jackets are, for the most part, synonymous with good taste and sophistication. The same compose looks from overlays with white shirts and jeans to other more modern ones, such as overlays with printed slim fit blouses or even with cardigans, sweaters and knit shirts.

I’ll give you 5 surefire tips on how to make your leather jacket a wild card. Check out:

Every Man Needs a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a man’s best friend.

Slim Fit models fit well in any men’s wardrobe and dress well from young to old.

I can even guess what you thought: “Why have a leather jacket in USA?”And this is very simple!

Although we are in USA, dressing well and comfortably raises the self-esteem of any man. Furthermore, leather jackets (legitimate) are durable goods and their useful life can be over 10 years!

Legitimate leather really is expensive, but for this there are options such as bomber leather jackets, which is cheaper, but not as durable.

Meet the Main Models of Leather Jackets

There are several models and colors of leather jackets, so I decided to select some of the main – and most easily found – models of them.


The Fatigue model is one of the most popular and classic.

The same became known for its versatility and simplicity. Its appearance is basic, however it contemplates the majority of styles.

Its cut is straight and is found, in most cases, in black, in addition to having pockets on the sides and chest. It is not a viable option for overweight men.


The Biker/Motocross model is well known for being incorporated into the style of motorcyclists.

The same is a sure choice for men who want to bet on the concept of prominence, power, and influence, as it is a piece loaded with personality.

The model is very popular in black, but an investment in brown is also very interesting. It is a great option for short and overweight men in black, as the black color gives a false impression of slimming and stretching.


Perfecto is the model of Rock N ‘Roll stars and actors. The choice of personalities like Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, and the Ramones. The model is a classic, easily found, always in black. Perfect for skinny men.

Choose the Perfect Model for Your Body Type

Special attention to measurements is the main recipe for any purchase. Most pieces are two numbers bigger than yours and the worst thing is knowing that most men buy them anyway

When it comes to genuine leather jackets the tips are quite simple.

Opt for a model that fits perfectly to your body type. This means that if you have a spare belly, it is important to avoid jackets with a front zipper and that, of course, have no difficulty when closing.

Leather jackets with side pockets are not the best friends of overweight men either, so when buying yours, avoid this model.

For tall and thin men, slim-fit models are the best option, especially motocross.

For short and thin men, the tip is to bet on Fatigue models, which have a straight cut. The black color is ideal.

For models that are not made of genuine leather, the tip is to invest in a piece that is a larger number than yours, as they may shrink during the first washes.

Make the Right Combinations for Your Style

The best thing about leather jackets is that in addition to being durable, they are also incredibly versatile and diverse.

I am sure that after reading this article, you will be ready to buy one that is perfect for your body type.

As stated at the beginning of this article, a single leather jacket can make up thousands of different combinations.

What I mean, basically, is that leather jackets match almost everything and can compose modern and bold looks from simple overlays with white polo shirts or not, even more, sophisticated and creative like those with sweaters, printed shirts, cardigans, and knitted shirts.

Bet on bold and innovative combinations that surprise you with the combination of scarves and boots.

Fine Sport Look

Leather jackets are also a viable option for composing sophisticated looks. Overlapping social shirts with ties or not, they perfectly harmonize visuals that highlight power and influence.

Stripped Look

For casual looks, give preference to Working Boots or boots in general.

The composition of the look with the leather jacket accompanied by boots or sneakers like All-Star and more rustic ones, such as those made of nubuck leather – give the look a more youthful image.

Eliminate What Definitely Doesn’t Go With Leather Jackets

Sports pieces.

If you want to invest in a standout look, power, and influence, my tip is: don’t try to combine your leather jacket with sportswear.

In other words, under NO circumstances should leather jackets be combined with pieces such as surfers’ shorts or running shoes.

Don’t forget: running shoes are for running.

How to keep the jacket

How to Preserve Your Jacket Leather

One of the most common mistakes that people who have leather jackets make is to store it in the wrong way.

The consequences of incorrect storage are diverse andirreversible. Therefore, it is essential to take special care with it.

Wash or not wash?

Genuine leather jackets accumulate a lot of dirt, so you are likely to come across this issue soon.

My tip is to pay special attention to the manufacturer’s specifications found on the label. And, instead of doing periodic washing, choose to just wipe it with water.

Leather care products are recommended. Look for stain remover sprays, they are ideal for this superficial cleaning.

Any washing of the same must be done by hand and with liquid soap.

What to do to prevent mold?

To avoid mold in leather jackets, periodic hydration of the piece and the placing of anti-mold inserts in the space where it is deposited is indicated.


Leather jackets cannot be stored inside out or in plastic bags and under no circumstances can they be folded.

They can create stains and/or irreversible marks. It is also not advisable to store the item next to another piece of leather.


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