December 10, 2021

A step by step guide about Jelly Pedicures

Jelly Pedicures

Jelly pedicure is a relatively new trend in the world of beauty. In fact, its origin can be traced back to US where it was created by podiatrists all in the name of patient comfort. This form offers a gentle foot spa treatment experience and hence has gained widespread popularity in different parts of the world. Together with being gentle, jelly pedicure also promises to offer various benefits that will leave your feet feeling rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of a session.

What is jelly pedicure?

A jelly pedicure is a type of pedicure in which the feet are soaked in a warm, sugary solution. This type of pedicure is often used to improve the appearance of dry or cracked feet. Professional jelly pedicures have become popular recently because they are inexpensive and available on some of the best nail salons like Even you can do jelly pedicures at home. Next, we are going to discuss the step-by-step at-home jelly pedicure procedure for your convenience.

Jelly pedicure at home steps

What you need: a bowl of hot soapy water, a toothbrush, nail polish remover, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, or baby oil.

1. Soak your feet in the bowl of hot soapy water for 15 minutes to soften the skin and make it easier to remove the dead skin cells.

2. Scrub your feet with a toothbrush to remove any dead skin cells. Be gentle if you have sensitive skin.

3. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and wipe off all of the old nail polish from your toes.

4. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or baby oil to your feet and massage it into the skin.

5. Wrap your feet in plastic wrap and wear the plastic wrap booties for an hour.

6. Rinse your feet in lukewarm water and pat them dry thoroughly with a towel.

7. Apply another layer of petroleum jelly or baby oil to moisturize your skin.

Benefits of Jelly Pedicure

The following are some of the main benefits that you stand to gain from the jelly pedicure:

  • It provides thorough moisturizing which leaves your dry skin soft and smooth.
  • The ingredients used in this process have soothing effects on tired or sore feet due to their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The gel-like texture of the product helps in removing any callouses or dead skin cells that might have built up on feet over time.
  • If you suffer from conditions like athlete’s foot or fungus, jelly pedicure can help in providing relief and healing.
  • Regular application of jelly pedicure is known to improve blood circulation in feet and hence reduce the chances of developing conditions like varicose veins.

Jelly Pedicure aftercare

There are a few things you can do to make sure your jelly pedicure lasts as long as possible. One is to avoid getting your feet wet for as long as possible after the treatment. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals on your feet, such as bleach or strong detergents. If you do need to wash your feet, be sure to use a gentle soap and lukewarm water.

Finally, you can keep your feet looking their best by using a foot lotion or cream. Look for a product that contains Shea butter, vitamin E, or aloe Vera. These ingredients will help to keep your feet soft and smooth.

So, if you are looking for a gentle and relaxing way to take care of your feet, then a jelly pedicure is definitely something that you should consider. Not only will it leave your feet feeling soft and smooth, but it will also provide long-term benefits for your overall health and well-being.