Understanding the Major Challenges to Weight loss

Overweight and obesity have grown into an epidemic, eating away the entire globe one day at a time. With obesity comes along a bunch of other health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, different forms of cancer and a lot more. These health problems are just not just making the world unhealthy, but they are paralyzing us human beings of the capacity of doing basic tasks of our daily lives. Not only that, obesity also weakens our immune system, making us furthermore prone to infections. While we tend to talk a lot about how physical fitness is absolutely necessary, we also tend to avoid the process required to maintain a healthy body. We are here to discuss five major challenges to losing weight.

Weight loss

1. Lack of a balanced diet:

These days we easily lose out on maintaining a balanced diet which is very essential for a good health. We tend to eat easy available and fast, deep fried food which inputs unnecessary fats and unhealthy calories in our body. Thus, putting our already poor health at the stake of getting poorer. Beverages have made it worse. You can choose an effective and balanced delicious diet for yourself by visiting the websites like ketaholics. This way, you will be able to find out certain items that you can consume in order to lose weight effectively.

2. No time for exercising:

After all the competition that we are into, we hardly have any time left to ourselves. Working out in order to keep ourselves in shape has become a very difficult task. The nine to five jobs with their corporate layout have only made lives badly and health worse. After the daily schedule that one has to go through, one has no time or will to exercise and the sleep schedule has also been a lot hampered.

3. The habit of sitting idle for hours:

With the development in the fields of science and technology, mankind hardly has any use of their muscles left. Everything we need and do is available at one tap, over one call. We just have to know. Technology has made lives easier, yes. But that has also made us lazy which has been adversely affecting our health. We do not see any scope of utilizing our muscle power as we tend to just sit in front of our respective screens all day long, like stones –just becoming fat.

4. Setting unrealistic deadlines:

Human beings are used to deadlines. We have developed a notion that if we can complete a power point presentation over a night; we can also get into shape in a week. Advertisements covering all important dailies and hoarding, also telecasted on the TV claim to help us lose those extra pounds in a matter of days. And not only that, they use visuals to feed it into our brains. You need to stop setting unrealistic goals if you truly want to lose weight in an effective manner.

5. No control over fast food cravings:

With routines turning upside down, night shifting of work, overtimes and increasing pressure on students during exams and even during regular days, there is an increased intake of junk food like sweets, candies, crisps. Apparently, this cycle starts with eating, to kill time and because you need something other than looking at your screen without having to use much time in deciding what to do. Then it just becomes a habit and you do not know what else to do so you just get yourself a bucket of ice-cream and a packet of chips to deal with something as emotionally draining as a breakup. Or anything. Eating junk becomes a muscle work, you do not have to think, just eat.

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