November 26, 2018

Five Secrets To Looking Younger Than You Are Currently


Aging is not just a physical process. It has its mental implications too. According to experts, why most people hesitate in revealing their age is because they think it might affect how others perceive them and their abilities. They feel judged and worthless if people get to know this deeply-kept secret which could gradually be unraveled by their physical appearances.


Many of us want to look younger which could directly affect the way we feel about ourselves. While changes in appearance are possible, the right approach is important to prevent our attempts from misfiring.
Here is a list of five valuables secrets of looking way younger than your age that has been revealed by successful people who have held the bull by its horns.

1. Destress With A Wider Smile

We live in a world where a smile, one of the most beautiful expressions is considered inappropriate on many occasions. Numerous scientific experiments have been conducted recently where the age of a model was associated with various facial expressions.

The grumpier ones were considered older than they were, the neutral expressions gave more accurate results, and the ones with wider smiles were associated with younger age. Wide smiles help in the movement of cheek muscles and better blood circulation. Grumpy faces lead to stiff facial tissues and sagging. Smiling, better yet laughing is a great stress buster that could help in age reversal. There are many anti-aging tricks for a younger smile too but keeping it natural is your best bet.

2. Indulge In Antioxidant Foods

We have all heard about free radicals and how they wash away the glow and the youth from your face. Including antioxidants in your daily diet can purify blood and improve the transportation of oxygen through the bloodstream with better hemoglobin levels.

Grapes, berries, pears, and plums have humectant properties because of a substance called Sorbitol in them. This helps in retaining the natural moisture in the skin cells and leaving you looking younger. The benefits of antioxidants help us in understanding why the wellness of our skin affects the physical attributes related to aging.

Antioxidants also help in combating the mental effects of aging.

3. Give Your Hair The Makeover It Deserves

Many people do not try and experiment looks and styles with their hair. Either because they think it is pointless or too expensive. Experts have revealed that styling your hair differently or coloring them can, in fact, release a ‘feel-good’ hormone called Dopamine.

Dopamine can alter your brain into thinking that you look younger which in turn energizes your mind. Don’t wait for an occasion to try something new with your tresses, this link will give you an expert-guided walk through on what you could do to keep your hairstyle trendy.

4. Use Effective Sun Protection

For those of you who love getting tanned, it can lead to skin aging, wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, dark circles, stretchy skin, and other aging-related symptoms. An effective skin protection formula is the need of the hour for individuals with skin aging issues.

Anything above 30 SPF is ideal in providing a skin-protective film that shields it from harmful UV rays. Extreme skin damage can even cause burns, sagging, and in extreme conditions skin cancer. Your natural immunity gets weaker with age and the body’s defense mechanism starts to deteriorate making you look and feel even older. This is a vicious circle that needs timely intervention with better care.

5.Stay Hydrated

Sweating it out through regular exercise is a great way of keeping your body healthier and younger. But, the loss of necessary hydration from your body cells can affect the health of your skin, hair, nails, and muscles. Lack of fluid balance can lead to many health issues like low blood pressure, urinary tract infections, dry and scaly skin, hair fall, etc.

Two liters of water per day is recommended for the proper functioning of your circulatory, digestive, and urinary systems. Ensuring to drink a glass of water every two hours helps regulate your physical functions. Drinking water half an hour before meals can prevent bloating and the development of abdominal fat. Above all, drinking enough water can keep you energized throughout your busy day.


Reverse aging is more of a ‘feel-good’ phenomenon than a natural occurrence. Some of the healthy regimes mentioned above can be very helpful in making you look younger. Mental stress is the leading cause of aging and controlling it can do wonders.