Why Should You Care About Vegan Beauty?

When you hear the word “vegan,” what are some things that come to mind? Do you think of restrictive diets in which people don’t eat any animal-based products? Do you think of a vegan, earth-friendly lifestyle? These are just a couple of the things that might come to mind, but going vegan applies to beauty as well. Recently, vegan makeup has been growing in popularity, and for good reason. Vegan makeup is not only up to par with its non-vegan counterpart but it also exceeds the quality of non-vegan makeup. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should make the switch to vegan beauty products, we’re going to change your mind. Specifically, we’re going to tell you all about why you should care about vegan beauty. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to say “goodbye” to all your non-vegan beauty products and “hello” to the wonderful world of vegan makeup. Let’s jump right into it.

No Animal Ingredients

As the name “vegan makeup” suggests, vegan makeup products contain no animal ingredients whatsoever. If you think this means it doesn’t contain only products like milk, take a good look at the ingredients list of any non-vegan makeup product, and guess again. Some common and terrifying animal-based ingredients found in beauty products are crushed animal hooves, squalene extracted from shark liver, insects, horse urine, fat from animal carcasses, and oil from whale stomachs. Now, imagine putting those ingredients on your face everyday! Unfortunately, most people don’t have to imagine it, because if you use any non-vegan beauty products, chances are these ingredients and maybe more are already part of your daily beauty routine. If you’re ready to stop putting things like crushed beetles and horse pee on your face, then it’s time to start caring about vegan makeup.

No Animal Testing

Not only do vegan makeup products exclude animal ingredients, but you can also rest assured that no animals were harmed in the testing phase of vegan makeup. Essentially all non-vegan makeup brands test their makeup on live animals. This is an extremely stressful and scary experience for these lab animals who are constantly treated as garbage and whose only purpose is to see if there are any harmful effects from makeup products. When lab testers find no more use for these animals, they are euthanized and discarded like trash. Take a moment to think what would happen if everyone who wears makeup switched to using vegan beauty products; literally millions of innocent little creatures would be spared every year. If you think that animal testing is an atrocity, then make a difference yourself by not buying any more non-vegan beauty products and going for vegan, cruelty-free makeup instead. Even your individual decision to not buy non-vegan makeup makes a big impact. 

Best For Your Skin

The previous two reasons are reason enough in and of themselves, but the list of benefits of using vegan makeup over non-vegan makeup goes on and on. Another reason why you should start caring about vegan beauty is because of its benefits for your skin. Non-vegan makeup products often contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful for your skin and body. This will be especially apparent to people who struggle with sensitive skin; the ingredients in non-vegan makeup, such as some of the disgusting ones we mentioned prior, just don’t cut it when it comes to what you should be putting on your skin. In fact, your skin can absorb 60% of what is put on it, so would you rather put ingredients like animal fat on your skin or natural ingredients derived from plants? The choice is yours, but we think the better decision is obvious.

More Nutrients

As we’ve said, the ingredients in vegan makeup are derived from plants. Thankfully, it just so happens that plants are by far the best source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so by putting plant-based ingredients on your skin instead of animal-based ingredients, you’ll be doing your skin and your overall health a huge favor. Those minerals and vitamins will be absorbed by your skin, promoting the health and suppleness of your skin and also having positive effects on the rest of your body. Why expose your skin to harmful chemicals and toxins when you have the option to use nutrient-dense vegan beauty products instead? The prices between vegan and non-vegan beauty products are very comparable, and some vegan makeup is actually more affordable than some non-vegan makeup. Make the switch to vegan makeup, and see how much of a difference those extra minerals and antioxidants make.


In summary, here are the main reasons why you should care about vegan beauty:

  • No animal ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Best for your skin
  • More nutrients

We hope you’re fully convinced that vegan makeup is far superior to its non-vegan counterpart. Make a difference in the well-being of animals, the earth, and your skin by switching to vegan beauty today. You’ll thank us later.

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