November 6, 2019

Tips to Glam up The Flower Girl

Tips to Glam up the Flower Girl

Toronto is a gorgeous metropolis located in Canada, known for its prominent scene in art, film, and broadcast media. Its array of museums, festivals, art galleries, and business districts makes it the perfect place to have a wedding.

Like any beautiful city, Toronto seems to have caught the wedding excitement all year round. In Canada alone, the wedding industry has surged to roughly $5 billion, making weddings hit 160,000 each year.

For little girls, being part of a wedding is a rare chance. So, you must give them the best experience possible. Here are some tips on how to prepare your flower girl, from trendy hair and makeup to choosing the cutes flower girl dresses Toronto has to offer. After all, flower girls are essential members of any wedding.

A Classic Dress with a Sprinkle of Spice

One of the real wedding showstoppers is the adorable flower girls that mark the bride’s trail with roses. Most wedding preparations involve designating matching dresses to the little girls, but some limit only the color or cut.

When choosing flower girl dresses Toronto, put the theme, style, and location of your wedding into consideration. For example, maxi white dresses would look lovely in beach weddings, while cupcake chiffon dresses would be adorable on classic wedding dresses.

For inspiration, pair a classic chiffon dress with an adorable flower crown. It is the perfect look if you are going for a modern wedding. Add a bold shoe to contrast the adorable tulle skirt.

Tennis star Serena Williams’ adorable 2-year old, Olympia, also recently stole the show at aunt Hailey’s wedding. The toddler sported the cutest one-shoulder cupcake chiffon dress that has the internet swooning over. Her blush pink ensemble perfectly paired with a rustic wedding theme.

A Fresh Face with a Pop of Color 

Once you have picked the perfect dress, the next styling challenge happens on the wedding day itself. Your little girl will probably request for a thick coat of makeup because they rarely get the chance to doll up. But tell her that she is beautiful the way she is, and opt for a fresh face with a fun pop of color.

For a kid’s makeup look, brush the flower girl’s brows and fix them in place with a tinted brow gel. Dab a bit of powder here and there and put a generous coat of blush. Get creative with the eyes and lips if the bride does not put any restrictions. A swipe of a brightly-colored eyeshadow or a bold red lip adds a sprinkle of fun into the look. If your dress has muted colors, however, avoid going too crazy with the shadows and lips.

As for hair, opt for a lovely set of soft curls adorned with flowers. If you are not good at doing hair, keep it natural with an eye-catching flower crown.

Once your flower children are glammed up, all you have to do is take as many photos as possible and remember the moment. Being a flower girl is challenging for kids and their parents, but it is worth it when they get to become a princess for a day.