February 18, 2019

Team Building Activities for Employees is the New Mantra for Success

Team Building Activities

Teamwork is a part of our lives. Be it in the home, or office; we always function as a team.
In an organisation, successful teamwork ensures better performance. For this, team building activities for employees are essential as it nurtures their growth and efficiency.

Purpose of team building activities

  • It develops team spirit.
  • It fosters the feeling of commitment towards similar targets and objectives.
  • It harbours communication between employees.Thus, gaining insights on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Creating an all-around performance is the ultimate goal for team building activities for employees. It teaches time management, decision-making, problem-solving and most importantly, working in unity.
  • It develops mutual respect, responsibility, coordination and commitment among the employees. This proves crucial for an organisation in the long run.

Six reasons that make team building crucial for every organisation

  1. Healthy working environment – Team building fosters communication, coordination and rapport between the employees thereby creating a productive work culture. Moreover, helping out an employee instills mutual respect and responsibility.
  2. Inventiveness – Working together brings all creative minds in one place. This develops a creative and innovative workplace.
  3. Motivation – Working in unison as a team motivates the employees. They share their work, have fun and learn together to achieve a common goal. Furthermore, it creates a bond between them making them behave like a family.
  4. Competitiveness – It is no secret that competition brings out the best in people. Team building channels employees’ productivity in taking work to the next level.
  5. Performance boost – Teamwork provides insights into teammate’s interests, weaknesses and strengths. This mutual understanding ensures better productivity in the workplace.
  6. Getting to know colleagues – Socialising is a part of the team building process as it involves making friends. Hence, it produces high morale among the employees possible.

Exciting team building activities to try out!

  1. Trekking – Trekking requires intense teamwork. It harbours a sense of brotherhood among the employees. Helping each other out, walking side by side and braving the odds in the wilderness not just entertains them, but motivates them. It strengthens their mind to take up any challenges in the workplace.
  2. Figuring it out – This simple game allows employees to get creative. This mostly revolves in figuring out a puzzle set by fellow employees. This improves their guessing skill and a chance to know their fellow mates better.
  3. Thumbs Up Thumbs Down – It is a game of appreciation and criticism. Here, the employees discuss their liking and disliking in the workplace. Managers of most firms often conduct this to understand employees’ problems in a fun but productive way.

Team building activities for employees bring them together creating a genuine bond, motivation and superior performance at the workplace. An efficient team building will surely bring success to any organisation and make the workplace enjoyable.

So, it’s time your company follows this trend too!