6 Ways to Style Your Saree in a Stylish Way

saree design is considered one of the most ethnic attires, yet it’s also one of the most stylish. There are different ways to drape a saree as well. There are both airy chiffon sarees and bridal sarees that have a floaty drape, which features pleats. Different Indian saree design draping styles have roots in ethnicities and traditions, including Maharashtrian drapes and Gujarati drapes. Despite being considered one of the most ethnically diverse clothing items, saree design is also the most elegant. They serve as a good example of a traditional yet fashionable dress. 

Check out these six different saree designs and their draping styles for both weddings and parties.

Pleated Saree Design Draping: 

A pleated saree-style drape is an extremely popular drape. As well as Kanjeevaram saree design for bridal wear, heavy designer sarees and heavy silk fabrics work perfectly with pleated drapes. Despite this, cotton sarees are still the most popular sarees design for pleated drapes. High-neck cotton sarees paired with pleated cotton sarees are magnificent.

Styling in Gujarati Saree Design Drape: 

Styling in Gujarati Saree Design Drape is well-liked by many, even though they are traditionally used by Gujarati women. With its short or long pallu, bridal sarees have come to be a favorite. Banarasi sarees with short pallus, Bhandini sarees design, Patola sarees, and Leharia design would be good choices for this drape.

Styling in Maharashtrian Saree Design Drape:

The Nauvari Saree Design are the traditional sarees from Maharashtra, which were also worn by many famous personalities, including Priyanka and Deepika in the song Pinga in Bajirao Mastani. This long saree design drape is complicated, but it looks so beautiful. Another item that is a must-have is the traditional nose pin they use.

Dhoti Style Saree Drape:

Saree design draped in Dhoti style are incredibly flattering on pant-style women, and they are a blend of modern and traditional. Stars like Shilpa Shetty, Samantha, and Sonam Kapoor have modeled and wore dhoti sarees designs. These saree design are prominent due to such personalities who are modeled by wearing such saree design drapes. 

Saree design Draped in Lehanga Style:

Consider wearing a saree design like a lehenga? It’s feasible, that’s for sure. The simplest way to craft a fancy lehenga is to plan one pleat throughout your lehenga’s midsection and to take your pallu both the traditional way as well as Gujarati way saree design to wear without cutting up your favorite saree!

Saree Design Draped on a Skirt:

saree design can be draped on a pant, skirt, or even lehenga, isn’t it? It’s truly a fascinating drape to wear a skirt saree. The saree design will be appropriate for brides, bridesmaids, and even wedding guests. In this tradition, the saree is draped over the skirt or lehenga distinctively.

Final Words:

These six saree design drapes may be tried out utilizing marriage sarees, heavy work sarees, Banarasi saree design, Kanjeevaram saree design, thin and so forth kinds of lightweight sarees excessively. Do let us be familiar with your favorite draping saree design.

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