September 24, 2021

Some Interesting and Mysterious Facts about Rose Gold

Rose Gold Jewelry

Gold is a very well-known word for us. It is one of the densest of all metals. It is also soft and the most malleable and ductile of the elements. Gold is a very precious metal. Olive brown and yellow is the mixed color of gold. Gold has many shades. But the most common shades of gold are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and green gold. Gold has no detectable smell. Different gold colors are used in different things. Like yellow gold use for jewelry, rose gold is used for diamond jewelry; in diamond jewelry its looks more beautiful. It’s called pink gold and red gold also. In comparison, white and yellow gold rose gold is more affordable. It’s a highly desired color also. That’s why women are also like to wear rose gold dresses at a party, or reception.  

First discovered gold:

Many people in California noticed that gold was there. But on January 24, 1848, James W Marshal something shiny in Sutter Creek near Coloma, in California. He had discovered gold on the river. Egypt created a gold coin called the Shekel, a shekel is the first unit of is roughly 11.3grams.

Raw gold:

Gold is found in hard rocks. Gold is mostly found in quartz rock. This stone may be found on the hillside or riverside. Pure gold is slightly reddish yellow in color. But real gold always shines when comes to direct sunlight. Gold is a soft metal. There are two types of gold. 

  • KDM gold: KDM is a mixed gold. KDM jewelry is Cadmium-soldered.
  • 916 gold: 22-carat gold is 916 gold. It’s pure gold. 22-24 carat is really good for jewelry, it’s so soft.

Details about Rose gold:

Rose gold is a combination of gold. It’s a combination of pure gold and copper. It’s a mixture of 75% pure gold 25% copper. The mixture of yellow gold and silver and copper combine to create pink rose gold. Which makes 18k rose gold. Yellow gold is created by sterling silver, copper, and zinc. The most desirable jewelry is rose gold nowadays. It’s more affordable and attractive. Rose gold hair is also a trending hair color.

What kind of gold is this?

It’s not 100% gold. But it is made of real gold. the karat amount indicates the purity of gold. As an example, we can say 14 karat gold is 58% gold, and 18 karat gold is 75% of gold.

Does it tarnish? 

We see tarnish when metal luster is lost. And chemical reaction with the air. This gold does not tarnish. It can be slightly darker after a long year of use.

Which type of jewelry is made with rose gold?

It has many options but an engagement ring is the most preferable jewelry. Rose gold necklaces are also popular nowadays.

Uses of rose gold:

Rose gold was first to use in the early 19th century by the famed jeweler Carl Faberge in Russia.

  • Jewelry- Rose gold color mostly use for jewelry making. It looks more attractive in diamond jewelry. Rose gold engagement rings are the most demanding and most desirable ring for modern brides.
  • Dress- Dress is the most important part of fashion. For party wear and engagement look rose gold dress is the best option. It gives you an elegant soft look. Shoes are also important. Rose gold heels are all-time trending.
  • Wallpaper- wallpaper is an important thing. It gives another attractive look on the wall. Many people like the golden wallpaper. But most people also like rose gold wallpaper.

The popularity of Rose Gold:  

The most recognized time when rose gold was popular was in the late 1920s. French jeweler Cartier released jewelry called trinity band, which was a signature piece of jewelry. This ring was made up of three similar bands one yellow, one rose, and one white gold linked together.

Skin tone:

Its look great in all skin tone. Like warm and cool skin tone.

Which is better:

For daily use rose gold is a better option because it’s more strong than white and yellow gold. It is also fashionable and complements all skin tones. The fashion world loves this color. 


This color fashion trending color. As jewelry mostly people prefer Rose gold engagement rings because it’s also popular as a romantic color. But Rose gold necklace, and rose gold earring suit most in-office girls. 

Types of rose gold:

  1. Rose gold 18k –  75% gold + 22.5% copper + 2.75% silver.
  2. Pink gold 18k- 75% gold + 20% copper + 5% silver.
  3. Red gold 18k- 75% gold + 25% copper + 0% silver.


For wedding jewelry 22karat and 24 karats, yellow gold is the best option. But for fashion jewelry and regular use jewelry rose gold is the best option you looking for. It is a strong metal comparison to yellow gold. It’s a trending and unique option. It is also affordable for people.