The New Trend of Unlimited Graphic Designing Services at Flat Monthly Rates

Graphic designing has become a part and parcel of every business in the digital age. Almost every business which has an online presence, needs to develop visuals and artwork for their websites and social media pages to keep their customers and users engaged while at the same time promote their products or services. While most established businesses are able to afford full-time graphic designers, many startups, freelancers and struggling businesses cannot necessarily afford a professional graphic designer. Ultimately such businesses owners either spend a considerable amount of time on learning and designing on their own or hiring a freelancer. In either case, the business suffers and we have good reasons to prove that.

unlimited graphic designing

How Learning Graphic Designing on Your Own Negatively Affects Your Business?

Even if your budget doesn’t allow hiring a fulltime designer, focusing on developing your own creative everyday for social media posts will eventually steal away a lot of precious time from your daily routine. Admit the fact that not everyone can do everything. And learning graphic designing with professionalism is no easy task that you can conquer in a week or two. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time in learning to play around with Photoshop and other related designing tools which would not only shift your focus from managing core business but you are most likely to end developing amateurish and unprofessional designs. Ultimately you’ll be hurting your business.

Only Hire a Freelancer If…

The most common challenge in hiring a freelancer is communication. There’s hell of a difference in explaining the brief to someone sitting next to you and doing the same over phone. Don’t forget the communication too comes at a cost. Plus hiring a freelancer means you’ll be bound by a scope and anything outside of the scope will be charged separately! At initial stages of business, there’ll be lot of designing, revisions, re-dos and makeovers and trust me you wouldn’t want to lose money at that stage.

The Solution:

If hiring a freelancer or learning to design yourself are not the options then hiring an agency seems a more practical approach. But we don’t want to haunt you by mentioning the rates digital agencies offering graphic designing service. Hourly rates can go as much as $300 and more. This is of course ridiculously high for new businesses struggling to make their presence. A better option is to opt for unlimited graphic designing service at a flat monthly rate. There are many such agencies which provide unlimited graphic designing without any scope limitations and that too at a flat monthly rate. We have handpicked 5 agencies which you can choose from along with their pricing:

  • Kapa99 $399/month
  • UnicornGo $399/month
  • Design Pickle $370/month
  • Undullify $149/month
  • The Design Sheikh $117

Note: All above packages are basic pages. Although The Design Sheikh clearly tops the list, we would still recommend our users to go through the terms and conditions to fully understand the deliverables and limitations of the packages. Please also note that these packages might change at any time so it would be better to visit the sites above before making any decision.

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