Handmade Mangalsutra Ups Fashion Quotient for the New-Age Bride

The use of jewelry in the Indian subcontinent can be found from the ancient times. The wearing of jewelry was one of the most common practices among both men and women. It is easily assumed that jewelry was used to enhance their beauty. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets were very common from the very early period. So, craziness over jewelry is not something new and weird. Indian women hold a soft corner in their hearts for jewelry. The wedding is such an occasion where jewelry seems to have a lot of importance in general.

The mangalsutra is one such jewelry, which plays a significant role in an Indian wedding. It implies good luck and prosperity for the couples, but somehow the trend of wearing a mangalsutra is fading with time. Now, the designers are focusing on the varieties and gradually changing the concept of mangalsutra to bring back the age-old tradition of our culture. So, let us look at some examples of the modern handmade mangalsutra that can increase the fashion quotient of a new bride.

Experimental Mangalsutra


The new age mangalsutra comes with elegant designs and styles, perfect for your new age bride. The small-sized mangalsutras are pretty cool to wear with western outfits as well. It is the perfect choice for a new age bride, as this can be used as a stylish jewelry for its variety in design. Hearts, roses, peacocks and more, there is a huge variety, which will soothe your eyes.

Necklace Mangalsutra


Now, this can be explained as a fashion-fusion where necklace comes along with the mangalsutra. It is designed in this way, so that mangalsutra does not require to be worn separately. The combination fits its beauty and seems perfect for everyday use.

Stylish Modern Mangalsutra


With the changing context of culture and lifestyle, we are somehow stuck in between imitating the western culture and maintaining our very own culture. Cultural exchange can be observed in the recent fashion trend, jewelry, etc. In order to exist in the changing time, stylish modern mangalsutras are designed just for today’s bride. The attractive designs and easy to wear facility is making it a hot cake in the market.

Moreover, there is a concern over the material of mangalsutra. There are different materials available for mangalsutra, which needs to be selected by the customer according to their preferences. Mangalsutra can be made of gold, silver, diamonds and rhodium, but carrying a heavy piece regularly is difficult for women. Therefore, one has to be careful of her own preferences while buying the auspicious jewelry. There are different perspectives on choices and preferences. These mangalsutras are built for capturing the jewelry market in a new way. The above information is aimed to help a person to select the perfect jewelry for the new-age bride.

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