Athleisure: the Strongest Trend of the Decade

Wholesome eating, keeping fit, and a general feeling of comfort and ease seem to be the trends new generations are embracing. This is the reason why more and more people prefer comfy pants and baggy sweaters to the smart suits, fancy pair of heels, and ties.

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Athleisure is fashion that ‘kids today’ appreciate. It offers comfortable clothing that serves a purpose other than to just make the wearer look good.
And yes, athleisue has found it’s way both in the fashion industry and in the English language dictionary.
Athleisure is casual clothing that people may wear both for working out and for everyday use. In the times when strict dress code rules are loosening up in most offices,a plain shirt and jeans are losing their popularity as a casual wear.
Data backs all this up too; athleisure sales indicate a rapid growth – 16% only over the year 2015! And this is just a beginning. According to the statistics, $43.6 billion was earned by athleisure in 2015 and $83 billion is expected to be gained in 2020.
The impressive numbers here are supported by even more impressive real life stories.
When an angry letter from Alan Sorrentino, Rhode Island, was published in Barrington Times, stating that no older woman has a reason to wear yoga pants, a whole Yoga Pants Parade came into his house.
300 ladies not only showed the freedom of their choice but also proved their loyalty to their favorite attire.
Celebrities wear athleisure for regular walks with their dogs all the time – as well as on glorious red carpets.
Many of them have cashed in on the trend and have created their own athleisure brands. Thus, iconic pop-star Beyonce presented her sporty and elegant IVY PARK, as she called it, a modern essentials for both on and off the field.
Other American celebrities also jumped in on this. Famous Hollywood actress Kate Hudson feels proud of her own stylish Fabletics sportswear, and the best country singer Carrie Underwood aims to make women’s active life easier with CALIA.
All of these female public figures encourage ladies to lead a healthy and fit way of living, be comfortable with what they are by feeling confident in what they wear.
These days, thanks to athleisure, it is getting really easy to look trendy, like a celebrity.
One should just use some imagination and learn a few hints of how to create an own cool athleisure look. Combining athletic clothes with fashionable leisure clothes, you can take your favorite Nike sneakers and out them on with a long knitted dress.
Combine some fun print yoga pants with a jersey, blouse or a sports top and you’re done. This has to be the first time in fashion history it became possible to wear side-stripe trousers with high hill shoes and fur coat – and call it trendy.
The best news: you can wear this outfit to various occasions without a need to change from casual to work clothes.
In the times when people want to feel sound and look sound, it is important to find the own style. The strongest and the most competitive trend of the following decade, athleisure, draws the attention of the couturier and Hollywood stars. Maybe it’s the right choice for you, too?
Check out this great infographic on Athleisure, presented by ShoeCarnival.

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