A global identification solution to deter chargebacks

With the rapid influx of terrorists and extremism, we cannot ignore the fact that the entire world seems on the edge. A volcano waiting to explode at any point. With the volatility of the geopolitical and political situation of the globe coupled with the economic disparity, we cannot one bit ignore the fact that we are always on the cusp of trauma one way or another. National security has now become global security, with the internet being unbiased in providing the information everyone is exposed to similar content.

It will not be out of order considering the current volatile situation of the world that in near future a global verification solution is employed for the sake of unbiased protection and detailed and enhanced background checks of everyone. Although the idea in itself is a bit fascist, however, the need for it is urgent.

Airport security

As the travel restrictions are easing airports are getting crowded and might be the top threat when it comes to a relapse of the covid. A global identification solution can easily mitigate any risk individuals. The risk categories can be devised owing to their status and their past, these statuses can make the life of Interpol, and others easy, through AI-backed global identity verification. These classified people can after being identified be under scrutiny keeping the public and the individuals safe. All through a simple global identity verification solution.

Public safety

The public has always been at a risk, with quarantine now easing up and the things looking to go back to normal. The political situation in some places is far tenser than expected and we need to realize one thing for the public to be safe. We need a super solution as the crowded areas in public are always at a risk. History teaches us to always keep an eye out. The NFC-based Government IDs can help in this regard. The trackable and safe ID documents already can save the wonder from ID theft and whatnot.

Getting global verifications

Although this phrase is attached with much controversy in itself we cannot however disagree with the fact that it is however needed for the hour. With deteriorating peace in the world and an imminent threat of non-state actors globally, now collaborating. A new form of red scare can be felt approaching. Although the woke generation might disagree with a global identity, it is still not out of the question. It is not to cause panic or useless worry amongst the masses, it is just to make sure that people who require security are provided with it. Those who are a potential; threat, must be kept under observation. These are in themselves all hypothetical discussions. To have a server of this strength to verify the identity of 7 billion people every day requires a model that is not only well trained but can evolve on its own. Something straight out of Sidney Sheldon’s novels would be fascinating though.

Why do we require Identity verification solutions?

One thing is for sure the advent of 2020 has asked us to change the ways that we conduct business and carry on with our lives. Now with the advent of pandemics and the advancement of technology regarding verification and business identification, it would be illogical not to utilize any of such things. Facial recognition technology at the end of the day is all down to its usage and so is the case for global identity verification. A technology that can work on a global scale without any hiccups is a dream come true for any nation or data regulation.

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