Fun Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At The Office

Valentine’s Day is the day of love birds. On this day every couple wants to celebrate the evening with great excitement and love. Therefore most of us always try to get the best way to celebrate the special day with a special person. If you are one of those people who want to celebrate this day with your loved ones and you are trying to find out different office ideas for Valentines Day where you can throw a party, then you are on the right platform to get the best information. Here we are providing the best office ideas for Valentines Day where the love birds could spread the feeling of happiness and love.

This is the only way to celebrate this beautiful day with your loved one and your colleagues in the office. Below given are some office ideas for Valentines Day which you can opt to celebrate this special day.

1. Multiply the Love

Demonstrate your love for your community by volunteering. Shelters for animals, old age homes and food banks always welcome extra hands for sorting, visiting and other tasks. Launch a social media contest to pick the winning organization by taking votes of the employees.

Multiply the Love

2. Themed Lunch for Valentine’s Day at the office

Plan an hour for your teammates to leave their desks and have fun conversations and food. Pass around a signup leave in advance and ask all colleagues to bring in the themed food like heart-shaped sweet treats or red and pink-colored goodies and cookies.

3. Hush-Hush Cupid

This game is alike Secret Santa exchanges. Take each employee who wants to participate, pick a colleague’s name at random out of a basket and then they will keep this name a secret. On Valentine’s Day, every employee will leave small gifts on their desk or in the mail for which they chose.

4. Decorate and make it all beautiful!

Go for all the pink, red and heart-shaped décor items. Amazing looking décor items for Valentine’s Day and these are easily available in all near-by stores. Special decorating pieces for Valentine’s Day fun at the office can be crepe paper, banners, balloons, and signs which are easy to find and fabulous looking, giving a perfect look to the surroundings for Valentine’s Day at the office.  

Decorate and make it all beautiful!

5. Employee Defy

Conduct an employee challenge about scattering kindness and love all around. The annual Random Acts of Kindness week comes every year in February, so employees can sign up and spread the cheer through the office and community with challenges daily.

6. Office Games and Fun for Valentine’s Day

Games are very amusing which adds to a drab day. Fill in a jar or basket with chocolates and candies. Ask employees to guess the number of sweet treats in the basket and whoever is closest gets to keep the full basket.

7. Share Love Stories

Organize a show-and-tell session, a perfect idea indeed for Valentine’s Day celebration at the office. Encourage employees to share their love stories with everyone. Share hilarious stories, awful date stories, or how they met their soul mates, etc. Make it more pleasurable by distributing prizes for the funniest or most dreamy love stories.

Share Love Stories

8. Host a Heart-Healthy affair

Plan a community episode focusing on healthy hearts. Invite the American Heart Association or local doctors to teach attendees on healthy heart specifics and recommendations. Propose activities like dodge ball, basketball or obstacle courses for people from all walks of life.

9. Dress Up for Valentine’s Day at office

Take Valentine’s Day to be an official charity raiser dress day. Ask employees to dress-up in a way that it feels like love is everywhere. Give the collected money to the official charity of choice.

10. Have a candy buffet, the most lovable idea for Valentine’s Day at the office

Nothing says I love to work with you more than chocolate, right? Take benefit from all of the great sweets, candies on sale during this time of year and get along a candy buffet for each one to enjoy and cheer!

candy buffet, the most lovable idea for Valentine’s Day

11. Send an e-Praise, a useful idea for Valentine’s Day at the office

This Valentine’s Day makes sure that all the coworkers feel the love and this can be done through sending an e-Praise to recognize all of their hard work and perseverance.

Also, you can give everyone a note that says it all! A fun, work-appropriate Valentine’s Day small cards speaking about each one’s personality can be offered to everyone in their personal office space, a truly fun day indeed.

12. Just say Thanks! A very loving idea for Valentine’s Day at the office

With all busy and hectic work schedules, we often forget to thank or tell how we feel for them. Take this day to send sincere thanks to all your for all that they do.

Advantages of going through the ideas in advance: 

  • If one plans in advance then it will be an add-on advantage as you will get a chance to eliminate the errors while celebrating. 
  • Also, preparation will be best when things are being done before the time of celebration.
  • Even this will help you to get better proposals and ideas to decrease the cost of celebrating with quality decorations. 
  • Even one can contact different event management companies to provide their services.
  • The event management companies help to get the best decorations on time with the help of the experts who are arranging the whole event.
  • This helps to decrease the pressure from the employees who are going to prepare for the whole celebration. 
  • Therefore, going through the fun ideas in advance will be better.

Now, after going through all the ideas we could conclude that Valentine’s Day is the one day when happiness and love are in the air. And if you are finding the office ideas for Valentines Day then the above-mentioned ideas would help you to choose the best way to celebrate.

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