June 30, 2021



The world can be cruel to you sometimes and it can’t be really helped. Sometimes people act like they are the only ones who matter in the grand scheme of things and hurt you in different ways. Now it is up to you how to cope with the emotional trauma you are suffering from. By no way, we are belittling your plight, but one way to cope with the terribleness of situations is to watch some entertaining shows which are available on Netflix. You can watch the following shows which will make you forget your pain till the time they are playing and will certainly cheer you up.


A question that was troubling many fans of the show was that when will season 10 of The Walking Dead be on Netflix? Well, now they can watch The Walking Dead on Netflix, and not just The Walking Dead season 10, but all the previous seasons are available. Watch the show if you are frustrated because who doesn’t love a few zombies getting crushed?


The iconic crime drama show aired in 2008 and made everyone know how a perfect show is made. There are a lot of videos which explain the brilliancy of the show in great detail and you must watch it for the journey of the characters (both leading and supporting) and how they deal with a series of conflicts. The five seasons long show will certainly keep you hooked and make you forget about the world around you.


The series featuring Henry Cavil currently ranked on the top in many lists of best Netflix series upon its release because it presented the character of Geralt of Rivia in an exceptionally well manner. The show was praised for its cast, story, direction, and music. The second season of the show has entered its post-production and will be released soon. You can watch the show to change your mood for a while.


A series that talks about the concept of the afterlife in a funny yet philosophical manner were liked by many people when its first season was released. The show will certainly make you think about the things you have done in your life which define you as a person. You can watch the show for its funny moments and brilliant acting from the leading cast.


The Last Kingdom is made with perfection and delivers what it promises the viewers, that is, a fictional historical drama that will keep the viewer engaged till the end of the last episode of season four.The Last Kingdom season 5 will be released by the end of 2021 and you must watch the previous seasons to understand how amazing the show is. You must watch these shows because they belong to different genres and will cater to your mood accordingly. Till we get back to you with some new recommendations, you should spend some time watching these shows.