July 14, 2017

Boost Your Entrepreneurial Performance with Creative Exercises

Boosting your entrepreneurial performance with creative exercises is possible without spending a dime. Sadly, a lot of business owners downplay the effects of a simple workout.

It is still possible to stay in shape with creative exercises. As an entrepreneur, looking and feeling good should be a top priority in your life. Your success as an entrepreneur depends not only on your business acumen but health as well.

Here is the good news; there are simple daily exercises you can perform without hitting the gym. These exercises are doable before getting to work or while sitting behind your desk. First, let’s look at the hidden benefits of working out daily.

Entrepreneurial Performance 1

The Benefits of Creative Exercises

It does not matter how hectic your schedule is as a business owner. You can still manage at least 30 minutes of working out each day. And here are the proven benefits of exercising:

Weight Loss

As an entrepreneur, self-image is the first thing that sells your business. A series of creative exercises help you burn stored fat faster and maintain a normal body BMI. Your clothes fit better giving you more confidence in your personal image.

Improved skin tone

A dry and flaky skin shows signs of distress or poor health. Exercising improves blood flow. This allows the efficient flow of oxygen and nutrient to your skin.

Creative exercises also help flush out unwanted toxins in the body. You develop an even skin tone as your body starts to produce more collagen.

Stronger Muscles

Start a morning workout routine today and see how your muscle mass improves. A body with more muscles has a higher ability of burning unwanted body fat. If we talk statistics, a pound of muscle has the ability to burn at most 50 calories. How much more calories are you likely to burn if you gained five more pounds of muscle?

Stronger Bones

As you get older, your bone density starts to deteriorate. No one wants to be fifty and they find it difficult to move around. Health experts suggest adding a series of resistance training into your daily workout. Resistance training improves bone density promoting better body balance and posture.

Better mood and sleep

Exercise for entrepreneurs can help with insomnia. The initial stages of running a business can be hectic. Even so, a 30 minute exercise can help reduce insomnia and improve sleep patterns.

Exercising can also boost your mood. Working out releases endorphin into your bloodstream, also known as ‘feel good hormones’. This keeps you upbeat all day and helps maintain a positive attitude.

Entrepreneurial Performance 2

Creative Exercises for Busy Entrepreneurs


A stroll a day is enough exercise for busy people. Walking is an activity you perform every day. How about making it a habit?

Walking 4 miles a day can burn an estimated 1600 calories a week. This translates to losing about 24 pounds in one year alone. If you find yourself waking up early and working late hours as an entrepreneur, walking is for you.


Another exercise to boost performance is cycling.Cycling is a great idea, especially if you live far from your business. Riding a bicycle is a form of resistance training that builds your muscle and bone mass. Save your gas money, take your bicycle to work and get those endorphins kicking.

Exercise Balls

Stability balls are ideal for performing upper body exercises like sit-ups. You can also use them for ball lunges, standing planks or triceps dips. Make your workplace cooler; replace all office chairs with exercise stability balls.

Under Desk Exercise Machines

Under desk exercise equipment allow you to work and exercise at the same time. They look like a mini exercise bike, and are compact enough to fit underneath your desk. Under-desk cycling machines are ideal for entrepreneurs working 8 hours, or more, daily.

Under desk exercise machines have an inbuilt motor mechanism. This helps adjust cycling speed and resistance. An LCD display allows you to record the distance, time, and speed cycled. You can also measure how many calories you burn while cycling.

Final Thoughts

Every entrepreneur needs to stay fit and active to run a business. Use the tips above for boosting your entrepreneurial performance with creative exercises. They help burn calories and body fat, keeping you fit even with a hectic business schedule.