Companionship and It’s Worth for Elderly

A differentiating aspect of the elderly in India is the interstate imbalance in terms of growth and standard of living of elders depending upon the demographic and emotional changes in various states. Life expectancy has improved with technology bringing a significant boom in the number of old aged people. According to the UNFPA survey, the elderly population will touch the 19% of the total population mark by the year 2050. Considering this scenario, we need to acknowledge the significance of companions in the lives of the elderly.

The coming of the modern era has turned the emotional connections upside down as people don’t have time for their families and friends which has, in turn, led to a downfall in the social networks of the elderly.

Did you know research shows that companionship and social networks are the two main pillars of living a long and healthy life?

For elders, opportunities for social gatherings and interactions reduce as they retire from their jobs, their children move away, their friends and spouses pass away. They then become housebound if their ability to walk or drive decreases. This chain of events becomes worse gradually as the sense of loneliness causes their health to decline. In such a case, it is essential to analyze the importance of home care and companionship in the elderly to improve their quality of life.

Looking at the brighter side, let’s read on to know more about how and why is it important for an elder to have a companion.

Protection against Cognitive Disorders

Studies have shown that the more the elders connect socially, the better is their brain functioning. Having someone to talk to, or share the feelings with, can help a person make their day much interactive and better. Interacting and playing games can help elders improve their memory while reducing the risk of cognitive illness. Studies show that elders with healthy relationships are at lower risks of developing dementia. It is important to provide proper home nursing services to elders with dementia or such mental disorders.

Increased Rate of Recovery

Neuroscientists are of the belief that companionship helps in boosting up a patient’s recovery. Being lonely and isolated lowers down the recovery process. Having a friend or a companion aids the recovery process; helping release the nerve pain, decreasing the inflammation levels faster. From helping in shopping to sharing daily tasks, a companion can help take away the mental stress, diverting the mind to happy thoughts which in turn helps in a faster recovery process. 

Peace of Mind

One of the primary aspects of aging is losing physical strength and mobility-making it difficult and risky for elders to be home alone. In such a case keeping emergency medical services ready and fully equipped becomes an unavoidable need for the elder. Elders believe that their home is the best place for them to live in peace. Keeping their desire as the top priority, Emoha Elder Care gives your parents the care and affection they deserve- all at the comfort of their homes. Companionship and an adorable relationship provide them a sense of security and affection letting them live their life with peace and passion.

Longer Lifespan

Elders who experience social isolation; living alone and having no one to talk to, fall prey to increased risk of death. The social connection provides them with a sense of love relationship that takes away the ill effects of depression and isolation, if any, giving their mind & heart a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Keeping the elders engaged in fun activities, physiotherapy sessions, interactive talks, is what helps to boost up their enthusiasm and the will to be happy.

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