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SOLACE RENEWABLE ENERGY PVT.LTD.came into being when first drop of awareness about solar rolled down the sun rays on the Eastern part of our country around 10 years ago. Today Solace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd is not mere a name but a way of life to those who have got taste of solar energy in the areas starving for electricity.

We & Our Work –SOLACE RENEWABLE ENERGY PVT. LTD. means giving assurance. It is an assurance for better lifestyle. We produce solar energy to eradicate darkness from the life’s of the rural poor and the downtrodden people of the society. We install solar systems at a reasonable cost to get the feel of the modern facility of today at rural areas. We install solar street lights to light up the dark roads in urban and rural areas.

We make profits, but we do not boast about it. We want to see smiles in the faces of rural poor on getting the test of solar energy. We do not want the figures in the balance sheet, but we want smiling faces which are actually the profit line of our company.

WORK PROCESS – Solace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd has four verticals namely 1. Accessories (Battery, Solar Panel, LED & CFL Lights, Inverters etc ) 2. Solar Water Heater 3. Solar Street Lights and Home Lighting System 4. Rooftop Power Plant. The total process of manufacturing is being done at our factory premises where we produce ’Solar Energy’. Each of our products, we produce are taken with meticulous care by our production team. Our products are manufactured with meticulous by our production team with a constant checking in each and every point of the process which after final shape, Quality Control Department, with their latest lab equipments and skilled manpower get it stamped and passed to the dispatch/stores

Corporate Office :
20 Kankulia Road Kolkata – 700029 India
Phone : +91 (33) 2440 6503

+91 33 6535 6925

Fax : +91 (33) 2440 6503

E-mail : solace

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