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Hitaishi-KK India’s premier craft group, and also the first craft company in the country equipped with management and quality control system as per ISO 9002 standards.

Hitaishi-KK is India’s most successful fine wood, cattle horn and bone based product manufacturing company with its entire production output exported to Germany, USA, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Korea and other parts of the world. We are also now the largest producers of string instrument components worldwide controlling the major market share and having a very strong distribution network all over the world.

Hitaishi-KK Manufacturing Company Pvt.Ltd
1, B. K. Paul Avenue, Calcutta (Kolkata) 700 005 INDIA
Phone: +91-33-22716301-4, Fax:+91-33-22180586/ 23563357
email: info@hitaishi.net

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